July 29, 2017


Dear Guruguru Brain customer

Hope everyone is having good week, we have some updates for you.

After the last announcement which we told everyone that you will receive the records by Tuesday, many customers still informed us that people didn’t get the package. We kept asking them, but didn’t give us any updates.

We asked to set up a phone meeting with UPS Czech and the Czech shipping company who we first asked the shipments on Monday morning. Right before the meeting, they said they stuck in the traffic and asked us to postpone it to Tuesday morning. On Tuesday morning, we waited their phone call, but due to their “technical issue with connection”, they failed to do meeting with us. They told us to call us back and we got his phone number. We have been calling these past few days, but never answered and never got a call back.

Finally today, we got tracking numbers for all of the shipments. The number is from Post NL, which we have no clue why even we asked UPS and all the shipments should be left from Prague. Now most of the packages are trackable and some of the shipments are in the destination country.

Considering it has been delayed over 3 months, and we are still failing to deliver what you ordered, we will refund all the customers who have not received their order.

Please write us with one of the following; your purchased PayPal email address, your full name, or transaction ID. We can also provide you the tracking number for your reference.

We are really really sorry about the delay and this result and make you do this because this situation.

We are a small record label and rely upon your support. Our first priority is making sure you are satisfied. We want to make this situation right, however we will incur a loss in refunding these orders.

In the coming weeks, if you receive your order in good condition, we would appreciate it if you would PayPal us what you feel is fair to

There is no obligation to do so, but it would go a long way in helping us to keep releasing new music.

Thank you again everyone for your strong support, and hope you have a pleasant day.

Go and Tomo


Guruguru Brain is a record label based in Tokyo, Japan since 2014.
Guruguru Brain has been based in Amsterdam since 2017.
We focus on underground music from Asia.

Guruguru Brainはアジアの音楽シーンを世界に広める事を目的としたレコードレーベルです。

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