Dear people who are still waiting for KM pre-orders

July 15, 2017


Dear people who are still waiting for KM pre-orders,
We have been talking with the shipping company in Czech and we escalated to the complaints to the Head Officer of UPS in CZ about the reason of this delay, tracking numbers and location of the records since these past weeks. We were told by them that all shipments will be delivered by latest this Tuesday 11th of July. However we are still getting many complaints saying people still haven’t received the records. 
Today we were finally updated that some orders have started been delivered but we are not 100% sure if they are actually delivered or not yet without the tracking numbers. According to UPS, because of their technical problems and some national holidays, they told us that they delayed in shipping and rest of orders will be delivered by maximum next Tuesday. The most frustrating thing for us is that we do not have tracking numbers and, so we cant give you the customers enough information. 
This is all and the newest info we finally received from them. 
We really hope some people have been receiving the records and the rest will be delivered by next Tuesday. 
We understand the feeling of waiting your vinyl that is not sure when will be delivered more than 2 month and we are very very sorry to make you feel this way. We are pushing UPS about this shipment every single days. However, because of their worst service, it’s been ridiculously taking them time to update us. 
Please please wait for a few days more till next Tuesday. 
We sincerely hope all records will be delivered soon. 
If you can, please tell me if you receive the records. 
Go & Tomo


Guruguru Brain is a record label based in Tokyo, Japan since 2014.
Guruguru Brain has been based in Amsterdam since 2017.
We focus on underground music from Asia.

Guruguru Brainはアジアの音楽シーンを世界に広める事を目的としたレコードレーベルです。

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